About Eddukalyo

Eddukalyo is a mobile and desktop online point of sale that enable businesses sell products online, keep track of their stock, purchases, printing receipts, generating invoices, generating sells reports, send sms, manage debts, orders and so much more. Follow this link to watch the get started video on youtube. Get Started.

How it works?

  • Businesses register and provide us their locations.
  • After a successful registration, business can be viewed on the shops panel.
  • Registered businesses have access to the software where they can add products that they sale.
  • Added products can be viewed by selecting a shop at eddukalyo.com .
  • Also businesses are required to provide us with details of their delivery team. The panel to add a business delivery team is also available in the P.O.S Menu.
  • When customers open their eddukalyo apps, they are asked for a location.
  • The A.I developed in the system uses the customers location to display shops near them and allows them to select a shop they would like to buy from.
  • If customers have access to shops near them, they can make orders and receive their goods as soon as possible.

How are payments processed and secured?

  • A customer adds items to the cart and heads to the checkout page.
  • Tthe customer specifies the location where goods are to be delivered.
  • The system calculates the distance from the shop and the delivery location and determines the delivery cost.
  • The total amount to be paid by the customer is calculated by adding the total cost of the items in the shopping cart and the delivery cost.
  • After successfully selecting the delivery location, the customer is asked to pay for his goods via mobile money.
  • Once payments are processed and the money is received by the system, the customer receives a secret payment code and the shop is notified about the order.
  • Also at this stage a notification is sent to the selected delivery man/woman asking him/her to pick the goods from the shop.
  • The shop prepares the goods and sends them to the delivery location selected by the customer.
  • The delivery man upon delivering goods will be given the secret payment code.
  • When this payment code is entered into the system, it confirms that the customer received the goods he/she ordered for.
  • At this stage, the system will automatically send money for the goods to the shop via mobile money and to the person who delivered the goods.
  • The transaction is marked as complete and successfull.

If the customer doesn't receive goods in 24 hours after making the order his/her money is sent back.

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